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Top 17 Apps Used for making Hacking Device

The top 17 Apps That Turn Your Phone into a Hacking Device

The apps required for making the Hacking Device can be downloaded by clicking on the name of the application, the URL is shortened by the URL shortener links.


SpoofApp is a Caller ID Spoofing, Voice Changing and Call Recording mobile app for your iPhone, BlackBerry and Android phone. It’s a decent mobile app to help protect your privacy on the phone. However, it has been banned from the Play Store for allegedly conflicting with The Truth in Caller ID Act of 2009.

This tool can be used to make 100% anonymous calls and not only because it can hide our phone number but because it also allows us to modify our voice to make us sound like a man or a woman.

In turn, it also lets us record our phone calls so that we can keep a log of all our conversations for our choice (although you should remember that you may be doing something illegal in some instances).

The application requires us to purchase credit to be able to make calls, but each installation comes along with a free trial. With the latter, we can carry out phone pranks although other people will probably use it unlawfully.


AnDOSid is an android tool developed by Scott Herbert that you can use to launch DoS attacks from your mobile phone. It was developed as a stress testing tool, but you know, anything can be misused, even a pen….

AnDOSid is so powerful that you can even use it to take down web servers. But don’t go for it, because it’s one of the quick ways to get into jail!

DOS or denial of service attack is a hazardous attack because it takes down the server(computer).

AnDOSid allows security professionals to simulate a DOS attack (A HTTP post flood attack to be exact) and of course a DDoS on a web server, from mobile phones.

AnDOSid is designed for security professionals only!

These are its main features:

  • Launch DoS attacks with a single click.

  • Fast and efficient.

  • 100% safe if used ethically.

  • User-friendly device.


Allows you to sniff and intercept web session profiles over the WiFi that your mobile is connected to. It is possible to hijack sessions only when WiFi is not using EAP, but it should work over any private networks.

A rooted phone is required.

These are the services compatible with this password-cracking app:
  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Youtube

  • Amazon

  • Vkontakte

  • Tumblr

  • MySpace

  • Tuenti

  • MeinVZ/StudiVZ

  • blogger

  • Nasza-Klasa


Nmap (Network Mapper) is a security scanner originally written by Gordon Lyon used to discover hosts and services on a computer network, thus creating a map of the system. To accomplish its goal, Nmap sends specially crafted packets to the target host and then analyses the responses.

Nmap is an android tool that you can use on a network to determine available hosts, services, operating system versions, types of packet filters/firewalls, and other characteristics. It is an incredibly useful tool for hackers (ethical or unethical).

Nmap (network mapper) is one the best among different network scanner (port finder) tool, Nmap mainly developed for Unix OS.

Now it is available on Windows and Android as well. Nmap for android is a Nmap app for your phone.

Nmap works on both rooted and non-rooted phones. On non-rooted phones, you will be limited to functions that are possible as a non-root user (i.e. no OS fingerprinting, SYN scan, etc.).

Requirements your device must have to use Nmap:
  • The device must have root access. (You can run the app without root access, but some features will not work)

  • SuperSU/Busybox/SuperUser.

Anti-Android Network Toolkit

This tool is handy if you're the owner of a WiFi network. zANTI lets us test its security by simulating the most usual attacking techniques on mobile devices.

Discover unsafe elements on any wireless network

The truth is that you're better off having a rooted device if you want to be able to make the most of all its functions. You have to bear in mind that in the case of suffering an attack carried out from another smartphone, that device will probably be rooted to be able to make use of specific hacking tools.

This network auditor comes along with a rather simple interface compared to other solutions and running its tasks is pretty straightforward. These are its main features:
  • Carry out a wide range of network scans of different intensity to identify connected devices, properties, and vulnerabilities.

  • Carry out diagnoses and calculate the penetration level with MITM (man-in-the-middle) tests, password cracking, and Metasploit's.

  • Extract reports and share them with zConsole, the service for developers that allows them to identify security breaches.
And of course, you shouldn't use this app to steal your neighbor's WiFi.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.

  • The installation of the app using the APK file requires,

    • the activation of the "Unknown sources" option within Settings>Applications.


SSHDroid Apk is an Android tool and application that is developed for connecting Android devices to PC.

If you think that you can connect the Android device very quickly with any PC. then I Suggest use any App like SSHDroid Apk, then I must tell you the unique feature of the app.

This app not only lets its users connect their Android devices with PCs but also allows its users to execute the commands. So this app is developed for executing commands while connecting Androids with PCs.

SSHDroid Apk allows its users to execute these commands such as ADB Shell and Terminal. Furthermore, it lets users edit files remotely.

In simple, it allows its users to convert their Android devices into an SSH server. That lets users perform tasks mentioned above very smoothly.

It has a straightforward and user-friendly interface. That helps users to use the app very quickly and more conveniently than any other relevant app to SSHDroid Apk.

This App is a free application, and you can use the app without paying any single penny. Therefore, it is one of the best Android tools that you can get from this website.

WiFi Analyzer

WiFi Analyzer is a tool that allows you to analyze the WiFi networks around you. You can find out about the quality of the signal and the saturation of the system in barely five seconds.

In the first tab of WiFi Analyzer, you can see a graph with the quality of the signal of all the nearby WiFi networks. This way, you can quickly know which one you can connect to with significant guarantees. In the second tab, on the other hand, you will find a meter that will indicate the saturation of each network in a particular way.

Wifi Analyzer is a reasonably exciting tool because it barely occupies space on the device and will help you to know which WiFi networks you can connect to easily.

Network Discovery

This app can be used to find all online devices in your, or any other, network, specified by IP and subnet mask.

The device's response time and their hostnames are saved and stored for later use.

You can customize the number of threads used (may slow your device when using too many threads, be careful),

and the timeout (The time a host has to answer before being marked as offline).


ConnectBot is a powerful open-source Secure Shell (SSH) client. It can manage simultaneous SSH sessions, create secure tunnels, and copy/paste between other applications.

This client allows you to connect to Secure Shell servers that typically run on UNIX-based servers.


dSploit is an Android network analysis and penetration suite which aims to offer to IT security experts/geeks the most complete and advanced professional toolkit to perform network security assessments on a mobile device.

Once dSploit is started, you will be able to map your network easily, fingerprint alive hosts operating systems and running services, search for known vulnerabilities, crack logon procedures of many TCP protocols, perform a man in middle attacks such as password sniffing ( with standard protocols dissection ), real-time traffic manipulation, etc., etc.

It's still in the beta stage so unexpected behavior could happen, after all, I need b-testers for this reason


The Metasploit Project is a computer security project that provides information about security vulnerabilities and aids in penetration testing and IDS signature development for Ethical Hacking.

Its best-known sub-project is the open-source Metasploit Framework, a tool used by hackers for developing and executing exploit code against a remote target machine. Other important sub-projects include the map, burp suite, Opcode Database, shellcode archive, and related research.

The Metasploit Project is well known for its anti-forensic and evasion tools, some of which are built into the Metasploit Framework.

Acunetix WVS

Securing the web applications of today’s businesses is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of securing the enterprise. Web application hacking is on the rise with as many as 75% of cyber attacks done at the web application level or via the web. Most corporations have secured their data at the network level, but have overlooked the crucial step of checking whether their web applications are vulnerable to attack. Web applications that often have a direct line into the company’s most valuable data assets are online 24/7, completely unprotected by a firewall, and therefore easy prey for attackers.

Acunetix was founded with this threat in mind. It was understood that the only way to combat website hacking was to develop an automated tool that could help companies scan their web applications to identify and resolve exploitable vulnerabilities. In July 2005, Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner was released: a heuristic tool designed to replicate a hacker’s methodology to find dangerous vulnerabilities like SQL injection and cross-site scripting before hackers do. A decade later and Acunetix Vulnerability Scanner has become the tool of choice for many customers in the Government, Military, Educational, Telecommunications, Banking, Finance, and E-Commerce sectors, including many Fortune 500 companies.

Acunetix Vulnerability Scanner is available both as an online and on-premise solution. It detects and reports a wide array of vulnerabilities in applications built on architectures such as WordPress, PHP, ASP.NET, Java Frameworks, Ruby on Rails and many others. Acunetix Vulnerability Scanner brings an extensive feature-set of both automated and manual penetration testing tools, enabling security analysts to perform a complete vulnerability assessment, and repair detected threats, with just the one product. Results can be used to generate reports aimed towards developers and management alike.

The Acunetix development team consists of highly experienced security developers, all with extensive development experience in network security scanning software before working on Acunetix WVS. The management team is backed by years of experience in marketing and selling security software.

Acunetix is a privately held company with its offices in Malta and the UK. It is a Microsoft Certified Partner. It also has a sister company 3CX, a developer of IP PBX software for Windows.


Wireshark can monitor all of your network traffic. It is a complete network analyzer that will track every single packet that travels through your network. It has been used by professionals for over fifteen years to monitor systems. It can watch hundreds of different network protocols. Continually being updated by developers with networking experience, Wireshark continues to remain up to date.


The focus of Maltego is analyzing real-world relationships between information that is publically accessible on the Internet. This includes footprinting Internet infrastructure as well as gathering information about the people and organizations who own it.

Maltego can be used to determine the relationships between the following entities:
  • People.

    • Names.

    • Email addresses.

    • Aliases.

  • Groups of people (social networks).

  • Companies.

  • Organizations.

  • Web sites.

  • Internet infrastructure such as:

    • Domains.

    • DNS names.

    • Netblocks.

    • IP addresses.

  • Affiliations.

  • Documents and files.
Connections between these pieces of information are found using open-source intelligence (OSINT) techniques by querying sources such as DNS records, whois records, search engines, social networks, various online APIs, and extracting metadata.

Maltego provides results in a wide range of graphical layouts that allow for clustering of information which makes seeing relationships instant and accurate – this makes it possible to see hidden connections even if they are three or four degrees of separation apart.

Social-Engineer Toolkit

The Social-Engineer Toolkit (SET) is specifically designed to perform advanced attacks against the human element. SET was designed to be released with the launch and has quickly become a standard tool in a penetration testers arsenal. SET is written by David Kennedy (ReL1K) and with a lot of help from the community, it has incorporated attacks never before seen in an exploitation toolset. The attacks built into the toolkit are designed to be focused attacks against a person or organization used during a penetration test.


Netsparker is a scalable, multi-user web application security solution with built-in workflow and reporting tools ideal for security teams. It’s available as a hosted and self-hosted solution and can be fully integrated into any development or testing environment.


w3af is a Web Application Attack and Audit Framework. The project’s goal is to create a framework to help you secure your web applications by finding and exploiting all web application vulnerabilities.

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