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Blockchain Solutions For Small to Medium Size Companies,2019

Best Blockchain Solutions For Small to Medium Size Companies

Blockchain technology has evolved tremendously in the past few years. Blockchain has brought about significant change with its superior solutions in the financial industry worldwide and has been targeting towards benefiting different sectors as well.

Apart from the technological and cryptocurrency feature, which is the highlight of blockchain technology, it also has enormous benefits to offer for supply chain management, including better product traceability and a cost-minimizing approach. 

Blockchain technology is evolving significantly with time, and you could see innovations in the field every time.

The latest trends in blockchain development company solutions are highly useful and functional.

Here is a list of the top blockchain solutions which has gained immense popularity and has been highly valued worldwide.

Hybrid Blockchains

Hybrid Blockchain is one of the latest technological trends of 2019. It offers top features for both private and public blockchain.

Hybrid blockchain provides customized solutions for different domains, and it doesn’t comprise the existing model of security and transparency.

Also, hybrid blockchain is widely used in financial services, banking, business, and even hybrid IoT. Check Artificial Development Company


Baas refers to Blockchain as a service. It is one of the most popular advancements in the field of blockchain technology.

Being a cloud-based service, BaaS enables the clients to build blockchain products of their own, which consist of smart contracts, applications, and customized blockchain features.

Baas ensures effective management and maintenance of blockchain infrastructure. It has also enabled businesses to use this technology without prior investment.

Stable coins

Stable coins hold a great future in the coming times. Blockchains have been used for cryptocurrency for a long time, but their unpredictable nature has given rise to stable coins.

Stable coins offer steady and secure prices, contrasting the characteristics of cryptocurrency. It provides stability under any market conditions at any point in time. The harness is one of the stable coins.

Although stable coins are available as a fiat-backed, cryptocurrency software company, and commodity-backed, it has a disadvantage of processing on centralized arrangement and policies.

Federated Blockchain

Federated blockchain is an exceptional blockchain solution that offers a customizable approach for private blockchain.

Federated blockchain differs from regular private blockchain in the control feature. It gives the power of blockchain control to many authorities instead of one, which guarantees accurate block validation for appropriate transactions.

Federated blockchain is used widely for supply chain management, insurance claim, and different financial services as well. 

Vegavid Technology is a Global blockchain solution company helping companies to innovate their business.

Vegavid is an official technical development partner with the European Chamber of Commerce for Distributed Ledger Technologies and Cryptocurrency.

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