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How to create Professional Email Signature in 6 easy steps online for free in Jan 2020.

How to create professional Email Signature online for free in Jan 2020.

Dear Friends,

I have found 1 online tool to create a professional email signature for free.

By using this tool you can create a well-formatted email signature for some of the popular platforms.

1. #Outlook
2. #Outlook365
3. #Thunderbird
4. #Gmail
5. #ExchangeServer
6. #ExchangeOnline

Let's start the procedure to create the professional email signature for your required platform,

although these are some of the well-known platforms, besides these you can use it on other platforms too.

6 easy steps to create your professional email signature are as follow

Step 1 of Step 6 for a professional email signature

1. Visit the site, Click Here

Step 2 of Step 6 for a professional email signature

2. Then select an email platform, depending on the platform the output signature will be available

Step 3 of Step 6 for a professional email signature

3. Select a signature template, the preview is displayed directly below at the bottom.

You can choose more templates, by clicking on the "more templates" text colored in blue.

Step 4 of Step 6 for a professional email signature

4. Fill in your signature,
Personal Data, Company Data, Graphics, Disclaimer Text, Style, Social Media Links.

Step 5 of Step 6 for a professional email signature

5. Then Click on "Apply your signature"

Depending on the selected signature template, different sections and fields are available.

These fields include sample data, so you need to replace this data with your own.

The generator keeps the information you provide, so you can switch between different signature templates during the editing process (the signature details are removed when you close or refresh the page in your web browser).

Step 6 of Step 6 for a professional email signature

6. Then you will see "Steps to apply your signature"
1. Click on the Button, "Copy signature to the clipboard"
2. log in to Gmail/G Suite.
3. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner and choose Settings.
4. On the General tab (default), scroll down to the Signature section.
5. Paste the copied signature in the Edit signature section (Ctrl + V).
6. Choose whether to insert the signature at the very bottom of the conversation chain, or under the latest replies (optional).
7. Scroll down and click Save changes.

You have successfully created a professional signature and applied it to your mailing platform.

Thanks for watching the video.

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