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How to Secure your Computers using USB Drive, April 2020

USB System Lock Secure your Computers using USB

While dealing with the system on some essential work and you have to go a bit far from your computer system for break and you do not wish others to utilize your system with out your permission.

You do not wish to turn off the system and your system password is understood by the others.

Then how can you avoid, at this kind of scenario the below technique will certainly be extremely useful to you to avoid accessing of others without your authorization.

To secure your computers (system) we simply utilize Win + L crucial mix from key-board.

If others understand the password of your system then they can quickly access your system and for long times they see your crucial and private work

About USB System Lock

  • This is a program composed in Visual standard and works on Microsoft windows.

  • It is a complimentary variation.

  • It can completely secure your computer system on regular booting.

  • While you run your computer system in safe mode it will certainly not work.

  • It bypasses the job supervisor likewise.

  • So no one can go into without the USB which is set up at the time of Installation.

Ways to Secure your Computers with USB Drive

Visit the link and download the USB System Lock software to secure your systems - Download Here


It is a really easy procedure. Simply set up the below software application.

To lock a computer system with a USB drive we need to utilize one software application called USB System Lock.

After installing this software application then merely place your USB drive and click Next.

The software application develops a random secret and establishment it in your Pen-drive as well as in the windows pc registry likewise.

From now onward if you lock your computer system and to reboot you need to place the USB, otherwise your system will certainly not be opened.

Whenever you reboot the computer system it will certainly ask you to place the USB which you setup at the time of setting up USB System lock.

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