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Certified Network Security Specialist Worth £500.00 for Free

About Certified Network Security Specialist by ICSI

Certified Network Security Specialist

This course provides a holistic view of modern network security including operating system hardening, firewalls, intrusion-detection systems, VPNs and Encryption. Physical Security, Standards, System Security and Security Policies are also included.

  • 100% online course - Study anywhere, anytime – all you need is a reliable internet connection

  • Level: Basic to Intermediate

  • 1-3 months to complete

  • *6 months, 24-hr remote access to a virtual lab allows you to learn, train and practice your skills in your own time.

  • Trainer Online Support

  • *Exam Code: CNSS - Hours 1.5, Type: Multiple Choice 100 Questions(Exam voucher available only upon full payment)

  • *Labs+Exams are not included as part of this offer (Price is GB 75)

About ICSI - Provider of the Course "Certified Network Security Specialist"


"The certifications offered by ICSI provided excellent in-depth knowledge on each subject matter.

Course Curriculum

  • Network Security and Cyber Defense

  • Exam Information
    Module 1: Introduction to Network Security
    Module 2: Types of Attacks

    Module 3: Fundamentals of Firewalls
    Module 4: Intrusion-Detection Systems
    Module 5: Fundamentals of Encryption
    Module 6: Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
    Module 7: Operating System Hardening
    Module 8: Virus Attacks and How to Defend
    Module 9: Security Policies
    Module 10: Assessing System Security
    Module 11: Security Standards
    Module 12: Physical Security and Recovery
    Module 13: Attackers Techniques

What is included in the course "Certified Network Security Specialist"

  • eBook

  • Modular structure – student-directed path

  • Knowledge Checks at end of each module and the course

  • Lab Guided Exercises and answer files

  • 6 months 24x7 remote access to a virtual lab

  • Instructor email support

  • Digital Certificate of Completion

Registration Steps for Certified Network Security Specialist

  • Click Here

  • Enter your First Name and your Last Name in the first two box provided in 1st row

  • Enter your Email Address in the box provided in the next row

  • Enter the Password in the box provided in the next row

  • Select your Country

  • Click on check box "I have read and agree to the Terms of Use and Customer Privacy Policy"

  • Then Click on "Sign up"

  • Then Solve the Captchas if asked to solve

  • Enter the Coupon code - #StaySafeHome and click on the Apply button

  • Then Click on "Enroll Now"

  • You will get thanks message on your screen and you have successfully registered the course without paying £500.00

  • Click on Start Learning

Please Note: Register asap, It's worth £500.00 and is now available for free up to 31/05/2020

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