How to get codecademy pro for free in March 2020

Get CodeAcademy Pro for Free as a Scholarships for Student Affected by COVID-19 from CodeAcademy.


Steps to getting CodeAcademy Pro for free areas under,

1st Step:

Visit the below-mentioned link,…

2nd Step:

Click on Join Pro

3rd Step:

In the Provide Student Mail id Box, mention any username ending with

In my case, I have provided [email protected]

4th Step:

Add password in the box provided 5th Step: Click on Start Coding Now

YouTube Tutorial Video

Click Here

Walkthrough to our CodeAcademy Pro Account:

Step 1:

Visit on “

Step 2:

Enter your username with

Step 3:

Enter your password

Step 4:

Click on Login

Now Discover the courses you want to learn and enroll it.

YouTube Walkthrough

Click Here

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