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Getting that Important On-The-Job Accounting Training.

Getting that Important On-The-Job Accounting Training Accounting Training If you are looking for a career in accounting or bookkeeping, your first stop should be a university to get a degree in business or accounting. At least some college education is becoming increasingly mandatory in today’s high-pressure business world. Can you make it as a bookkeeping clerk for a small business without a degree? Possibly, but your chances for advancement and promotion will be limited. Still, even with a four-year degree, there will be a considerable amount of on-the-job training required, so don’t think just because you have the classroom education that you’ve learned all there is to know about this complex field. At the time of receiving your on-the-job training, you will likely be put under the supervision of an older accounting clerk who knows the ins and outs of not only accounting in general, but as it relates to the company in particular. This is where your training will be most important, a