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Meaning of the most important 7 different terminologies used in the Staircase

Meaning of the 7 different terminologies used in the Staircase 7 different terminologies are as under TREAD A staircase tread is the physical step of a staircase where your foot is placed. RISER From one tread to the next, the vertical dimension is termed as Riser. GOING Individual goings of steps are measured from the face of the riser to the face of the riser and should be a minimum of 240mm for residential usage. STRINGERS There are two fundamental forms on the stairwell's sides. A full stringer is a board that includes treads and risers. Cut stringer is installed on the treads and risers' undersides. NOSING The front overhang of the tread, which is usually 20mm. For a cleaner appearance, modern stairs frequently do not have an overhang. LANDING Between two flights of steps, there is an intermediate level or platform. Landings, which might be a ½ landing or a ¼ landing, allow for directional adjustments in stair movement. FLOOR TO FLOOR The total rise of the