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An app that suggests startup ideas

An app that suggests startup ideas Starting a new business can be challenging, especially when it comes to finding a great idea. However, with the help of technology, entrepreneurs can now access tools that can suggest startup ideas to them. In this context, an app that suggests startup ideas could be a game-changer for aspiring entrepreneurs. Here's how such an app could work Build an app that allows entrepreneurs to market their startup ideas to investors The app would be designed to allow entrepreneurs to showcase their startup ideas to potential investors. Users could create a profile and upload a pitch deck, video, or other relevant information about their idea. The app would then match them with investors who are looking for new opportunities. Ideas can be sorted into categories and other users can vote on the amount of investment they want. The app could categorize ideas based on industry, sector, or other relevant factors. This would make it easier for investors to find ide

Expert Advices - From an Expert

Pieces of Advice from an Expert - Experts Talk Expert Advice Be Alone That is The Secret of Inventions Zuckerberg Networth: $106B Elon Musk: $164B Jeff Bezos: $184B Success Demands 6 Things Hard Work Sacrifice Struggle Faith Patience Passion The Power of Knowledge What actually makes you a rich Books Courses Mentorship Side Hustle The Victim Mindset The victim mindset that will kill your success Clue no. 1 #Blame. Clue no. 2 #Justifying. Clue no. 3 #Complaining How can you #Increase your #Motivation ? Be selective with the people you surround yourself with, Acknowledge your #Efforts and #Cherish your #Success , Push yourself a little outside of your #Zone of #Productivity , Have an #Organized #Workspace , Maintain a #Positive #Attitude , and Set some specific, #Attainable #Goals . #KayBee #NeHoAa #ExpertsTalk Thanks, Experts Talk