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6 important terms from the estimation

The 6 important terms taken from the subject of the Estimation Following are the 6 important terms from the estimation Annuity That is the annual quarterly contributions made by a party to refund the capital sum spent. Annuity Certain An annuity certain is one in which the sum of an annuity is accrued over a set number of dates or years. Annuity Due If the balance of an annuity is charged at the start of each month of the year and payments occur for a certain number of years, it is referred to as an annuity due. Deferred Annuity Deferred Annuity occurs as the payment of an annuity resumes at an unknown date after a period of years. Perpetual Annuity A lifelong annuity is one in which the contributions to an annuity begin indefinitely. Rent It is a charge made on an annual or quarterly basis for the use of land or land and construction. Thanks for reading the article, keep sharing it. Thanks, Kumar Bhanushali