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Important advantages of using minerals (5) in cement

Advantages of using minerals in cement are as given under Minerals are having their own advantages if using it with Cement Fly ash Increases structural protection and toughness Increases resistance to toxic threats Better workability Blast furnace slag Improved stability Increased setting time Strength benefit lasts for a long time Reduced chance of alkali-silica reaction injury Impervious to chloride and sulphate threats Silica fumes Better compressive power and abrasion resistance Reduced chloride ion permeability Improved workability Cuts down on bleeding Rise husky ash Reduced heat of hydration in concrete Reduced permeability in concrete Improved resilience to chloride and sulphate attacks Metakaolin Improved compressive and flexural strength Reduced permeability More chemically tolerant Durability is improved. Hope you liked this article, Thanks for reading it. Thanks, Kumar Bhanushali