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42 Plus Keyboard Shortcuts That Work Almost Everywhere

Text-Editing Keyboard Shortcuts  - 42 Plus Keyboard Shortcuts That Work Almost Everywhere Whether you’re typing an email in your browser or writing in a word processor, there are convenient keyboard shortcuts usable in almost every application. You can copy, select, or delete entire words or paragraphs with just a few key presses. Some applications may not support a few of these shortcuts, but most applications support the majority of them. Many are built into the standard text-editing fields on Windows and other operating systems. 42 Plus Keyboard Shortcuts - Working With Words We’re used to the arrow, Backspace, and Delete keys working with a single character at a time. However, we can add the Ctrl key to have them effect entire words or paragraph at the same time. Ctrl+Left Arrow – Move cursor to beginning of previous word. Ctrl+Right Arrow – Move cursor to beginning of next word Ctrl+Backspace – Delete previous word. Ctrl+Delete – Delete next word. Ctrl+Up Arrow – Move cursor to be
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15 Essential Blogging Tools You Must Have

15+ Essential Blogging Tools You Must Have Grammarly Grammarly is the first of 15 Essential Blogging Tools, Either you’re native or non-native English-speaker, chances are that you may often fall into spelling and grammar pitfalls while writing your blogs. So for such people who are doubtful about the strength of their writing, Grammarly is nothing short of a boon. Grammarly, with the help of its AI-powered writing assistant, allows you to compose bold, clear, mistake-free writing. Moreover, you can organize your writing feedback according to your readers and even get suggestions on finding the perfect words to express yourself. Freepik Freepik is second of 15 Essential Blogging Tools, A blogger never gets enough of stock photos. It offers high-quality and creative stock photos that you can use in your blog posts and other projects. The images are added by a community of brilliant photographers and are regularly updated. There are different categories to choose from and the interface i

Spamming Practical Course by DedSec worth Rs.3000/-

Spamming Practical Course – First Time In Internet History Description - "Spamming Practical Course by DedSec" In This Course, You Will Learn Many Latest Technique Of Spamming And You Will Also Learn How To Be Safe We will teach you about Checkers, Scampages, Email Hunting, Email Filtering, Email Extracting, And Many Latest Methods. You will see how to make Fully Undetectable Scampages, How we will bypass Inbox Securities much more. This course is based on different and mixed methods of Spamming. This course is also based on the latest tools and complete practical base. What is Spamming? Sending large amounts of restricted electronic messages is illegal. People who send create or send electronic spams are called spammers. Spamming is an abuse of electronic messaging systems for sending restricted bulk messages using a computer or a cellular phone. The most popular form of spam is E-mail Spam. Email spam is annoying and dangerous to email users depending on the intention of th

3 Steps to Convert Your Points Into Digital Gift Cards

3 steps to Earn Google and iTune card Hello friends, Welcome to our other article. This is the 3 steps easy guide to earn points and claim prizes. Before moving towards the steps, I want to share with you the brief about this program and the website. About PointsPrizes A small team that is paying their users to get prizes by spending their points. This program is an open program for every country. PointsPrizes is a France based company and verified by Trust Spot 3 Steps to Get started for earning points Step 1 Go and Visit PointsPrizes -  Click Here Step 2 Register Step 3 Use of these 16 coupon codes to quickly get all the points POINTYNEWYEAR50 TWEETR562 QUANTECH3000 GOOGCOM294 FACEGROUP900 BEERMONEY3573 REDDITSUB345 SHADOW25 MIGHTYSALEH25 FACEPAGE1920 KINGY25 ICE50 FEARLESS50 DELTA100 RANKER25 POINTSPRIZES25 After that, you will have about 500+ points Go to referral links look for a one with 3x Bonus Points and either edit this guide or

Android / Web App Development Course from Niti Aayog Government of India - 6 Modules

Android / Web App Development Courses from Niti Aayog Government of India Highlights of the App Development Course Build your own Interactive App Learn How to Create Mobile as well as Web Apps Develop and Enhance your Skills in App Development Project Based Learning Learn through fun and engaging projects of your liking No Coding Background Needed Courses are designed for absolute beginners as well as experienced coders! Get Certificate Get points and Certificates on completing different courses. How do I Get Started? Steps to get enroll for the course Click on Login/Register - Click Here to Enroll Remember to Fill in all details correctly when creating your profile, as this information will be printed on your certificates. Complete the Courses (6 Modules) in sequence Earn Badges by completing these modules Get Certificates You will receive a certificate for "Mobile App Development" after Completing 4th Module You will receive a

1 Source Code to make your own PC Cleaner Software

MAKE OWN PC CLEANER SOFTWARE USING BAT PROGRAMMING Copy The Source Code of the PC Cleaner Software and Paste to Notepad And Save it as "any-name .bat" Source Code for PC Cleaner Software `@echo off echo PC Cleaner by CYBER TECH, Cleaning system junk files, please wait… REM displays a line of text del /f /s /q %systemdrive%\*.tmp del /f /s /q %systemdrive%\*._mp del /f /s /q %systemdrive%\*.log del /f /s /q %systemdrive%\*.gid del /f /s /q %systemdrive%\*.chk del /f /s /q %systemdrive%\*.old del /f /s /q %systemdrive%\recycled\*.* del /f /s /q %windir%\*.bak del /f /s /q %windir%\prefetch\*.* rd /s /q %windir%\temp & md %windir%\temp del /f /q %userprofile%\cookies\*.* del /f /q %userprofile%\recent\*.* del /f /s /q “%userprofile%\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\*.*” del /f /s /q “%userprofile%\Local Settings\Temp\*.*” del /f /s /q “%userprofile%\recent\*.*” REM /f: force deleting of read-only files REM /s: Delete specified files from all subdirectories. REM /q: Qu

5 Harmless Bombs you can use for Pranks

5 Harmless Bombs which you can use for Pranks which are not harmful To all those who do not wish to inflict bodily damage on their victims but only terror. These are weapons that should be used from high places. 5 Harmless Bombs The flour bomb. Take a wet paper towel and pour a given amount of baking flour in the center. Then wrap it up and put on a rubber band to keep it together. When thrown it will fly well but when it hits, it covers the victim with the flower or causes a big puff of flour which will put the victim in terror since as far as they are concerned, some strange white powder is all over them. This is a cheap method of terror and for only the cost of a roll of paper towels and a bag of flour you and your friends can have loads of fun watching people flee in panic. Smoke bomb projectile. All you need is a bunch of those little round smoke bombs and a wrist rocket or any sling-shot. Shoot the smoke bombs and watch the terror since they think it will blow up! Rotten eggs (go