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Chapter 2 - Different Important Types of Estimates

Chapter 2 - Different Types of Estimates In our earlier article, i.e. Chapter 1 – Basic Introduction to Estimating and Quantity Surveying , we have learned about the basics of Estimates and Quantity Surveying. Now, in this article, we will be going to learn about the different types of estimates that are used to carry out the estimates in this field of Civil Engineering. Follow the article to learn more about the types of estimates, Types of Estimates Detailed estimate or Item Rate estimate or Intensive estimate. A detailed estimate is a precise estimate that is created in two steps. The first stage involves accurately extracting the measurements of each item from the drawings and computing the amounts beneath each item. The cost of each piece of work is determined in the second step, and the overall cost is computed by adding all of the expenses together. A percentage of the projected cost is added to account for those things that do not fall under any of the other headings, as well