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Want to know the most important 14 nos. of Principles of building planning?

14 Principles of building planning 14 Principles of building planning that will provide you the brief knowledge about the principles involved and to is required during the planning of the building. Following are the 14 Principles of building planning used in the building construction Aspect / Appearance It is defined by the placement of windows and doors on outside walls in order to make use of natural resources such as sunshine, wind, and wind. Types of room and their suggested aspect: Drawing Room - South, SE Bed Room - West, SW Dining Room - South Kitchen - East Verandah - West, SW Prospect / Landscape Prospect means using stunning views of things outside of structures like gardens, lakes, seas, and rivers through windows, doors, and balconies. The property should have a good view so that the people who live there may feel happy. Orientation The arrangement of rooms in relation to the north direction is referred to as orientation. Privacy Privacy is an essential