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What is the main reason for the action?

What are the primary causes of the behavior? The idea is that a goal can be achieved by performing a series of small activities after a major activity.  No matter how big or small your goal is, ask yourself, "What can we achieve now to make everything else look easy or unnecessary?" And act.  Ask yourself this question frequently, list the important tasks in order of importance, and then start working on the most important tasks. Thanks, Mister KayBee

Effort Produces Motivation | Motivation needs to be create it.

Effort produces Motivation If external motivation isn't available, you'll need to provide it. Many people believe that motivated people achieve achievement in everything because they are driven. However, since they lack ambition, the average person is destitute and sad. What if I told you that effort produces motivation? And successful individuals have discovered how to generate motivation rather than relying on it from outside sources. Simply begin working, and after a few hours of concentration and diligence, you'll feel inspired to keep going. After taking the initial steps and observing the first outcomes, the drive to accomplish the objective develops. Thanks, Mister KayBee

Remove competing wants.

Get rid of competing desires.  Remove competing wants. A new aim is frequently unfulfilled because you have a competing desire that contradicts it. Consider high physical fitness and a sedentary lifestyle. Your desire is also to be inactive and not exercise. It stems from a drive to avoid discomfort and conflicts with a new goal to lose weight. All opposite desires stem from a refusal to leave your comfort zone and a fear of the unknown: training, a new career, or a pastime. Consider what you need to do to reach your objective. Check to see if you don't want to do it. Thanks, Mister KayBee