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Effort Produces Motivation | Motivation needs to be create it.

Effort produces Motivation If external motivation isn't available, you'll need to provide it. Many people believe that motivated people achieve achievement in everything because they are driven. However, since they lack ambition, the average person is destitute and sad. What if I told you that effort produces motivation? And successful individuals have discovered how to generate motivation rather than relying on it from outside sources. Simply begin working, and after a few hours of concentration and diligence, you'll feel inspired to keep going. After taking the initial steps and observing the first outcomes, the drive to accomplish the objective develops. Thanks, Mister KayBee

Remove competing wants.

Get rid of competing desires.  Remove competing wants. A new aim is frequently unfulfilled because you have a competing desire that contradicts it. Consider high physical fitness and a sedentary lifestyle. Your desire is also to be inactive and not exercise. It stems from a drive to avoid discomfort and conflicts with a new goal to lose weight. All opposite desires stem from a refusal to leave your comfort zone and a fear of the unknown: training, a new career, or a pastime. Consider what you need to do to reach your objective. Check to see if you don't want to do it. Thanks, Mister KayBee

Always attempt to set closing dates

Set closing dates  Always make an effort to create deadlines. It's no surprise that when we're in a tense situation, the frame mobilizes all resources to help us think faster and more critically about what's going on. Of course, you don't want to put yourself in a stressful situation. However, it will no longer be unnecessary to create a few frameworks for yourself in order to boost your drive. This holds true for both paintings and dreams. A goal without a deadline is nonsensical since the likelihood of reaching it is greatly lowered. "Someday" isn't always the best choice. Only by creating a framework for yourself will you be motivated to complete it and achieve your goal inside that time period. Thanks, Mister KayBee

What to do with low self-esteem?

What should you do if you have poor self-esteem? What should you do if you have a low sense of self-worth? "Believe in yourself" and "Feel more confident" counsel will not help. Every day, you must work on yourself. First, you must acknowledge the problem, and every time you catch yourself believing that you are worse than others or that you will fail, focus on this and alter your perspective. Second, discover something that you are truly excellent at and that provides you delight. The only treatment for poor self-esteem is self-actualization. Thanks, Mister KayBee

Useful technique for persuading others

A Convenient Technique for Persuading Others Foot in the door  This psychological trick is based on the individual's need to be consistent in his ideas and behaviors. The essential lesson is that before asking for a large favor, ask for anything tiny that he will not refuse to do. And, in order to look consistent, the man will do a large favor as well. He will aid you once he has determined to do so. In fact, the principle does not always work for everyone. However, a couple of researchers studied this strategy in practice in their study (Freedman & Fraser,1966), and it worked 78 percent of the time. Thanks, Mister KayBee

How do you decompose the target?

How to decompose a goal?  Decomposition divides a task into smaller steps. Next, I'll explain how it can help you reach your goals. Large goals often seem too difficult to achieve and incomprehensible. This results in greater procrastination. And the brain doesn't fully understand what steps it should take to get what it wants. And here, methods such as disassembly are completely useful.  The essence is to elaborate on each step to reach the goal. For example, the goal of "buying a car". Please elaborate on how to make money for it, where and how to choose a car. This facilitates the work of your brain and allows you to reach your desired goals much faster. Thanks, Mister KayBee