Important 1 Liners from Irrigation Engineering

Few of the Important 1 Liners from the subject Irrigation Engineering

Important 1 Liners from Irrigation Engineering

Irrigation Engineering - 1 liners


  • Kor-Watering of Crops refers to the first watering provided to a crop after it has grown a few centimeters.

  • The ideal depth for kor-watering,

    • For Rice - 19cm

    • For Wheat - 13.5cm

    • For Sugarcane - 16.5cm

Paleo (Paleva)

  • Paleo, also known as Paleva, is the first watering before planting the crop.

Base Period

  • The interval between the first and last waterings

Crop Period

  • Time elapsed between crop sowing and harvesting.

Aqueduct (like a bridge)

  • A canal that spans a natural drain.

Super Passage

  • Natural Drainage Across the Canal

Level Crossing

  • Both the natural drain and the canal are on the same level.

Syphon Aqueduct

  • Built where the H.F.L of natural drainage is greater than the H.F.L of the canal bed

Other 1 Liners

  • The Mass Inflow Curve is used to calculate reservoir capacity for a given demand.

  • Clover Leaf Cofferdam Is a Cellular Type

  • The Phreatic Line has a parabolic form.

  • Garret's diagram is utilized in the Canal Design.

  • Unwin's Formula is used to calculate head loss through syphon barrels... The Afflux is often calculated using Unwin's Formula.

  • Canal Escapes provide the function of a 'Safety Valve.'

  • Waterlogging causes poor air circulation in the root zone of plants.

  • Waterlogging occurs when the capillary fringe of plants reaches the root zone.

  • A dam's basic profile is a right-angled triangle.

  • Lacey's Canal Design Concept is based only on unlined channels.

  • Watershed Canal refers to a canal that runs along a ridgeline.

  • Side-Slope Canal refers to a canal that is positioned at a right angle to the contour.


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