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Pieces of Advice from an Expert - Experts Talk

Expert Advices - From an Expert

Expert Advice

Be Alone

  • That is The Secret of Inventions
    • Zuckerberg Networth: $106B
    • Elon Musk: $164B
    • Jeff Bezos: $184B

Success Demands 6 Things

  • Hard Work
  • Sacrifice
  • Struggle
  • Faith
  • Patience
  • Passion

The Power of Knowledge

  • What actually makes you a rich
    • Books
    • Courses
    • Mentorship
    • Side Hustle

The Victim Mindset

  • The victim mindset that will kill your success
    • Clue no. 1 #Blame.
    • Clue no. 2 #Justifying.
    • Clue no. 3 #Complaining

How can you #Increase your #Motivation?

  • Be selective with the people you surround yourself with,
  • Acknowledge your #Efforts and #Cherish your #Success,
  • Push yourself a little outside of your #Zone of #Productivity,
  • Have an #Organized #Workspace,
  • Maintain a #Positive #Attitude, and
  • Set some specific, #Attainable #Goals.

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