Signs you're wasting your life and how to fix it.

10 Signs you're wasting your life and how to fix it.

The warning signs of life waste and solutions.Signs you're wasting your life and how to fix it.

Signs you're wasting your life and how to fix it.

10 Signs showing that you are wasting your life.

1. You spend a lot of time aimlessly scrolling through social media news feeds on your smartphone

2. Enjoys watching funny videos on Netflix/TV, TikTok, Facebook

3. Party all weekend

4. I feel lazy when using my phone for more than an hour after waking up

5. Spend hours watching other people's lives online

6. Constantly reading gossip, celebrity gossip, the latest hype, and social media trends

7. They often gossip online and in person

8. Just go through the motions of life without direction

9. I literally don't want the day to end because I have nothing planned for the next day

10. You feel guilty for not using your time more effectively.

So how can you fix all these negative signs and change your life? Keep reading:

1. Severely limit the amount of time you spend on social media. You can use your smartphone's timer to notify you when the time limit is exceeded. Unless social media is part of your job or business.

2. Replace consumption of irrelevant online content for personal development with reading. Read many books and useful content that can change your life for the better.

3. Spend your weekends working on your side hustle, finding a side hustle, learning new skills, playing sports, and exercising instead of partying. It's okay to have a party sometimes.

4. Create a night before or first thing in the morning to-do list and instantly empower yourself with a quality morning routine tailored just for you.

5. Stop watching sensational news and update yourself with more relevant information on politics, business, career opportunities, finance, economy and more.

6. Transform conversations with people into mutually empowering topics, updates, and opportunities, forming social circles that motivate improvement.

7. Make a plan, plan your day, plan your week. What is planned is done and what is not is easily skipped or forgotten.

8. Do all the steps above and see how far you can get this year.  

Kumar Bhanushali

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